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A Scout is Reverent

    Together with the National Catholic Committee on Scouting many programs and awards are available for Scouts of all ages to encourage and acknowledge their Duty to God. Religious Emblems are available for youth and adults. Youth emblems are programs supported by BSA and upon completion the Scout may wear the religious emblem purple square knot on the Scout uniform. Emblems for adults are awarded upon nomination and review by the DCCS to acknowledge and honor Scouters who support Catholic scouting.

   Programs for development of Catholic Scouters to deepen their personal commitment to Catholic leadership within Scouting are being scheduled by the DCCS. Watch for further information.


Recognitions and Events

International  Awareness Award

   The International Catholic Conference of Scouting offers a Pin and Patch Activity Recognition for Cub Scouts, and a Medallion and Patch Activity Recognition for Boy Scouts, Venturing, and Scouters. These pins and medallions are offered to any Cub, Scout, Venturing, or Scouter in recognition for increased awareness of Scouting in the Catholic Church throughout the world.

Please send all completed applications with the necessary fees to:  Linda Atherton 604 Carrera Dr. Savoy, IL 61874

BSA Emblem Pricing

Pope Pius XII   $15.00       Light of Christ    $13.00             Parvuli Dei    $13.00                   Ad Altare Dei    $15.00

Price includes the BSA religious emblem square knot.    Please see our new (Aug 2016)  “how to” on Religious Emblems! > > >