Adult Scouting Recognitions

Applications are being requested for adult scout leaders throughout the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. Please consider adult scouters with the specific qualifications.

The Bronze Pelican and the Saint George Medals are honorary awards presented to adults active in supporting and fostering the growth and development of Catholic youth under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church. The Bronze Pelican is a diocesan award, and is generally awarded before consideration for the St. George Award, which is awarded by the National Catholic Committee for Scouting. The St. George Award is the highest adult Catholic recognition that can be awarded. Recipients must be exemplary adults and members in good standing in Scouting and their faith communities.

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton medal and St. Anne medal are recognitions given in association with the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry to adults who have shown a consistent commitment to the formation and development of youth involved in the programs of the Girls Scouts of the U.S.A., and the Campfire Association. The nominee must demonstrate consistent and noteworthy contributions to the programs. It is expected that individuals will be nominated and receive the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton medal before being nominated for the St. Anne medal.

The adult awards are by nomination only. They are not work/study programs like the youth awards, but are recognitions of years of commitment to advancing the Catholic faith through Scouting. Potential recipients are nominated by another adult by submitting the required application along with a separate letter of recommendation outlining the nominee’s qualifications.

Applications must be submitted before mid December for consideration at the next Scout Mass and awards presentation. The number of awards is limited each year. Each award is given to an individual only once. Adult recognitions are approved by the Diocesan Committee on Catholic Scouts and may be presented to any adult who is working in the Boy and / or Girl Scout program including clergy, laity, and Scouters of other faiths who have made outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youth through the Boy and / or Girl Scout program. Please also pass this information on to your scout leaders.

Please mail all nominations to:
Linda Atherton
1105 Galen Dr.

Champaign, IL 61821


Please note: The pastor of each individual nominee must sign the nomination form

Please check the listing of previous awards given before making a nomination:

Adult Recognition Award Listing (PDF)

For your conenience to pass along this information, a PDF version is provided:

Adult Recognition Brochure (PDF)

Adult Recognition is an important aspect of youth ministry. It is vital for us as a community to lift up as examples those adults who, through their selfless giving to youth in the varied Scout and Campfire organizations, demonstrate life lived in faithful example of Jesus, Christ. In keeping with Christ's admonishion not act for the praise of man, but rather for the love of others, it is improper to seek these recognitions. Instead one is nominated by others based on an individual's service to youth, advancement of Catholic Scouting, and a personal life of integrity. Nominations are to be kept confidential, presentation at the Scout Mass is usually a surprise to the recipient. Medal costs are paid by the DCCS.

Applications are available from this web-site or in the case of the St. George Emblem, from the NCCS website. Supporting signatures and letters of recommendation are absolutely required for consideration. A sub-committee of the DCCS meets each January to select the most outstanding nominees. A nominee may be renominated if not selected. A very limited number of St. Anne and St. George emblems are given each year and are limited in number by the NCCS. There is no predetermined limit to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton medals or Bronze Pelican medals.

For further information, direct questions to the DCCS or consult the NFCYM website or NCCS website.


Award Descriptions


The Bronze Pelican is given to any adult; lay, religious or clergy, for exemplary involvement and support of youth in units organized within the Boy Scouts of America. Nominees can be unit leaders, parish coordinator or charter organization representatives or any other registered BSA scouter (it is possible, but unusual for the nominee to not be a registered BSA member). Involvement should extend beyond the nominee's individual unit and should extend to other Scout units in the area and diocese. Usually a nominee has at least 3 years of involvement.

For more information and for application form, please link to the following:

Bronze Pelican nomination form (PDF)

The Elizabeth Ann Seton award is given to any adult; lay, religious or clergy, for support and exemplary involvement with youth in organizations other than the BSA. (The Bronze Pelican would be more appropriate for those active with BSA). It is expected that nominated individuals have been active with their individual troop or group, as well as at the parish and diocesan level. The medal is usually considered after at least 3 years of involvement.

For more information and for application forms, please link to the following:

EAS nomination form (PDF)


The St. George medal is the highest award the Diocese can bestow on an individual for involvement and support of youth in programs of the BSA. The number of awards that may be presented in any calendar year is limited by the NCCS with a view to making the medal very selective. Nominees have usually spent in excess of 5 years of involvement at the local, diocesan and/or national level. Involvement solely in activities of the BSA does not qualify one for the St. George medal; BSA has recognition for those activities. Rather this medal recognizes support of Catholic formation within the BSA .

For more information and for application, link to the NCCS website page. All nominations must be received (with supporting letters of recommendation) by Dec. 15 of each calendar year.

The Saint Anne medal is the highest honor than the Diocese can bestow on an individual for involvement and commitment to youth in the Girl Scout of the USA, Campfire or other youth organizations. Criteria for recognition are designed to be very selective. Nominees are expected to have been active with their local units, the parish and communittee in promoting youth ministry and be involved at the diocesan or national level. It is usual for a nominee to have been active for a minimum of 5 years.

For more information and for application forms, please link to the following:

St. Anne nomination form (PDF)



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