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Girl Scouts of the USA & Campfire

Religious Emblems utilized by the Girl Scouts, Campfire and other programs of youth ministry to Catholic youth are available through the programs of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministries. Handbooks and other materials, and the medals themselves are available from the DCCS by completing an order form and sending this form, together with the necessary payment to the DCCS Chairperson:

Linda Atherton
1105 Galen Dr.

Champaign, IL 61821


Further information can be obtained from the National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire

Medals are suggested to be presented at a parish or diocesan Scout Mass. Completed applications are sent to Fr. Harris to receive the medals for presentation. Some troops provide for the cost of these materials.

Sample Mass liturgical texts for award presentation

Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Venture Patrol

The religious emblems programs for youth in the programs of the BSA are administered by the DCCS under the auspices of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting and the US Catholic Conference of Bishops. The completion of these programs is seen as an important and integral part of advancement in Scouting, reflecting the 12th part of the Scout Law, A Scout is Reverent.

Workbooks and materials are available from your local scout shop, by phone from the WDBoyce scout shop [309-673-6136] or through PRAY publishing. Medals are only available by submitting the completed and signed applications with the necessary fees to the DCCS Chairperson:

Linda Atherton
1105 Galen Dr.

Champaign, IL 61821


Medals are $11.00 each for Cub Scout medals and $13.00 for BSA and Venture medals.

Further information can be obtained directly from the NCCS website.

Sample Mass liturgical texts for award presentation. It is strongly recommended that these awards be presented in communion with the faith community during the celebration of the Mass, either in the local parish or at the annual diocesan Scout Mass.


Family of God

The Family of God medal is designed for Brownies in grades 1,2 and 3. It is a workbook done by the Brownie together with her family. It can also be done by a Brownie troop. It compliments and reinforces the sacramental preparation for First Communion and Reconcilliation, but should not be used in place of sacramental preparation. Upon completion of the workbook it is recommended that the group be given the opportunity to review what they have learned with their parish priest or other parish representative.

Light of Christ

The Light of Christ emblem is designed for Cub Scouts in grades 1 and 2. It is a workbook that is completed with the guidance and supervision of the scout's family and compliments the preparation for the sacraments of First Communion and Reconciliation. It does not replace the sacramental preparation instruction.


I Live My Faith

The I Live My Faith medal is designed for Junior Girl Scouts in grades 4,5,and 6. It encourages the Girl Scout to look at how she participates as a member of her home family and her parish family. By exploring the various forms and kinds of service to parish, self and others, the Scout learns to Live Her Faith in everyday life. It is encouraged that upon completion of the I Live My Faith workbook that the girl be given the opportunity to reveiw its contents and what she has learned with her parish priest or representative.

Parvuli Dei

The Parvuli Dei emblem is a workbook program completed with the supervision and support of a scout's family and is designed for grades 3,4, and 5. Translated "Children of God" the program encourages the scout to look at himself as a member of God's family by looking at his role within his earthly family.


Marian Medal

The Marian Medal Project Book (Mary, the First Disciple Book) is designed for Girl Scout ages 12-15. Like the other medals programs for Girl Scouts it is intended to complement the work of formal religious education, not take the place of this formal training.

The program is action oriented with a strong emphasis on reflective action. The program is designed to be done within a peer group under the guidance of a program counsellor. The counsellor plays a very important role with duties that may include coordinating the projects, leading discussions, and acting as a resource person. Upon completion of the program the application form is signed by the applicant, the adult moderator and by the priest moderator for the group.

Ad Altare Dei

The Ad Altare Dei emblem is earned by Boy Scouts and Venture crew members who have completed the 6th grade. It is a workbook that is completed under the guidance of an AAD counsellor and within a peer group of other scouts. The program usually takes 6-8 months to complete.

(For more information about counsellor training, see Programs)


Spirit Alive

The Spirit Alive program is the official recognition program of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States for the the Senior age level of the irl Scouts and for Horizon Club members of Camp Fire, Inc. The Spirit Alive is designed to be administered and supervised by the diocesan or parish youth director, diocesan chaplain or other authorized administrator as determined by the DCCS.

The Spirit Alive program is designed to assist the young woman in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves with her life, calling her to greater participation in ministry of the Church.

Each chapter has three sections: research, dialogue and activites. Exercises in the research section can be done alone or shared in a group. The requirements in the dialogue section are carried out with the help of a counsellor/advisor. The activities are designed to help the young woman apply what she has learned for her own personal growth. A journal, Bible anda copy of the documents of Vatican II are necessary. A counsellor guide is also available.

Pope Pius XII

The Pope Pius XII emblem is a program completed under the guidance of a religious emblems counsellor and within a peer group of scouts. It is designed for scouts who have completed the 9th grade.


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